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Love this place...stayed longer than planned..

semi-overcast -1 °C

Having an awesome time drinking in Trine's pub (Malcs's sister)- free internet... My last night in Edinburgh. Promise I'll write in the next couple of days.

Love Lex xxx

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snow -8 °C

The time has come for me to leave this beautiful city, but I have made a resolution that I will be back. I have done so many awesome things :) Skating on the lake was amazing. Here they treat the frozen lake as a park, we went on both Saturday and Sunday and there were people everywhere. People walking their dogs, teaching their children how to ski, taking their pram for a skate, riding their bikes. Its huge, and the skating track goes for about 4kms. People didn't just stick to the tracks though, they covered the entire lake.

For the cars and bicycles Elina told me that there are special winter and summer tyres. On cars it is illegal to drive with the wrong one because the winter ones have little spikes on them. I guess its dangerous in winter and the winter tyres ruin the roads in summer. The roads are just ice at the moment which makes for some wild corners...particularly when Jallu is driving.

We went tobogganing last night too. It was the most fun ever! Walking up the hill was tough but the thrill of coming down was worth it. Elina and I made a heavy toboggan and we came down very quickly. My eyes were streaming. It was awesome! We were too fast for the camera! Mine anyway...its a little slow.

We also had a finnish sauna. That was really good, really hot....and then Elina had me walk on the snow with my bare feet. Twice!

Unfortunatly I now need to go and repack as this arvo I'm off to London where I will be seeing Bryce which I'm looking forward to. Finland has been a fantastic place and Elina a brilliant host. I hope the rest of my trip can live up to this experience :)

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I can't pronounce it even with ppl teaching me..

sunny -10 °C

So...I'm in Jyväskylä, Finland

It has been a month since I left our sunny shores and I apologise to everyone who hasn't heard from me since. I might try and write something about the past month....hmmmmm. At least here i have acess to the internet. It was available in India but the computers were complete crap....one had a red screen. In Europe it was just incredibly expensive with 3 euros an hour being pretty standard.

I am currently visiting a friend who came and stayed with my family while on exchange several years ago. Some of you may remember Elina...think back to a day when we tried to go to the beach except every single beach we tried was covered in blue bottles.

It is beautiful here. Everything is covered in snow and ice. I have decided that I have a passion for icicles, which is good because they are everywhere. It is -9 outside right at the moment, which is acutally quite warm for today. When we were about to go out earlier it was -14 and Elina assures me that tonight it will be -20. This doesn't mean anything to me however because it is simply cold.

I bought a ski jacket in Austria because what I had brought with me was insufficent. Elina took one look at what I was wearing and said it was not thick enough. So I borrowed one of hers. Today was a pretty relaxed day and we went shopping. I ended up buying a jumper. I know, I shouldn't have. It was a lovely green though, and half mohair. It is really light and was really cheap. Justified.

Afterwards we went to her boyfiends parents and had coffee. His mother had made these beautiful buns. They were a bit like brioche and delicious. I asked for the recipe (which is in Finnish so I'm hoping that Elina can translate it for me.) and she was incredibly nice and gave me another bag to take with me. Their house had alot of snow outside so I took some pictures. Elina offered to take one with me in it. Well. I attempted to walk out into the backyard for it but it was all powder snow. Meaning I just sank though it to my knees like it barely existed. I love the snow, it so so much fun and such a novelty.

Tomorrow or the next day we are going iceskating on the lake. We drove past it today and its huge! I think finland is about half lakes.... Anyway there are iceskating roads though it. I am really excited! I have wanted to iceskate outside for a long time. I'll take lots of pictures so that all of you can be jealous. I can't describe it really except to say that this lake has boats frozen into it. Big boats like the size of the ferries on the harbour. Its amazing.

Tonight we are trying some Finnish drinks. These include blueberry cider, something called long drink which i have yet to try and some dark alcohol which I don't really know what it is......I'll report back.

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snow -5 °C

i now have a journal

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